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Friday Night Lights

Mark coaches small group sessions for girls and boys, 12-18 years old on Friday evenings. He groups players with similar skill levels to provide coaching appropriate for their age, fitness and skill levels. You can see the calendar and book online here.

Individual Instruction


Take your play to the next level with individual instruction from Coach Mark. He will evaluate your skill level, create a training plan that includes drills designed to improve on strengths and eliminate weaknesses, consult you regarding fitness and nutrition, and analyze your performance in play. Mark's rate for individual coaching sessions is $150. Book here.


A clinic is a two-day intensive program, where a group of players works in the classroom and on the field to learn plays, techniques, and skill-building drills to apply on their own. Parents and Coaches are welcome to arrange for a clinic from Coach Mark for their teams or clubs, to elevate every player on the field or just for their goalkeepers.


Clinics can be tailored to your group's needs to include:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Nutritional advice

  • Technical and tactical strategies

  • Mental management techniques

  • College consulting

To arrange a clinic, click here.



ProActive Goalkeeping offers camps during winter holidays, spring break, and summer break. Experience how Coach Mark and his professional staff help develop and prepare top-level Goalkeepers to play to their potential. Check here for upcoming camps. If you want Coach Mark to guest coach at your camp or you would like to request a camp in your area, click here.

Club Coaching


Does your club’s goalkeeper need a tune up? Sometimes goalkeepers can be overlooked during training sessions because the outfield players make up the majority of the team, or because coaches lack the experience in goalkeeping to give individualized assistance. Coach Mark can help you by sharing his specialized skill with you and your goalkeepers and showing you how to fully utilize their talent with drills and play strategy. He can provide clubs with the opportunity to help their goalkeepers develop their skills and improve as players. Contact us for rates and scheduling.

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